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100cubes production

audiovisual storytelling at its best


Who We Are

We are a team of  filmmakers specializing in short- and feature-length films as well as storytelling videos. Due to various working and educational backgrounds, our approach is not only original, but also well-planned, professional and reliable.


A compelling Story is what makes a movie or a video memorable, emotional and ultimately – working.

We believe a story can always be told, even in a 20 second ad. So much so that we’ll refuse from a project we can’t develop a good story for.


Budgets may differ, but the quality has to be there. We’re not too picky when it comes to choosing the gear to rent (to a certain point).

But we are picky about the crew we work with. We call them professionals. And for a reason.


“We’ll fix it in post” – something you’ll hardly ever hear from our crew, unless it’s a way to save time and money.

But when it comes to postproduction and delivery, we’ll make sure to squeeze every bit from every pixel and every nuance from every sound to achieve the best result.

Why Us?

Being both tech-savvy and creative allows us to confidently use most of the current camera systems and tools while being flexible and effective when available resources are limited.

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Uspenskaya str. 66, office 7

Odessa, Ukraine

+38 (050) 559-1551

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